naturopathic medicineNaturopathic Wellness

We integrate natural therapies such as diet and lifestyle counseling, nutritional therapy and supplementation, herbal medicine, and hydrotherapy, to support the body's innate ability to heal itself. New Day Wellness Center takes a functional medicine approach, digging deep to find the root cause of your illness, instead of just treating the symptoms.

family health careFamily Health Care

We treat the whole family, offering natural pediatric care, health care for adolescents, a full range of care for men and women's health issues, as well as care for seniors. We offer work and school physicals and annual check-ups. We do not offer vaccinations.

primary care doctor Primary Care

As a primary care clinic, you'll feel confident in seeking our diagnosis as your first option. We can provide blood, urine and other laboratory tests as well as referrals to and from M.D.s and other medical specialists, and co-manage your case with your current physician if you choose.

chiropractic careChiropractic

Today's chiropractic treats back, muscle and joint problems and a whole lot more! We take into account your full medical history, employing a wide range of treatment options in addition to traditional chiropractic adjustments. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    For several years, I have suffered from migraines. The pain made it difficult to function, light intensified the pain and almost any activity was unbearable. I've tried many solutions: I saw several different chiropractors and even tried herbal remedies and acupuncture. From the first appointment with Dr. Dybala, she worked with me to figure out what my migraine triggers are. Dr. Dybala really takes the time to listen and work through any issues...

    Tayce S., Schaumburg

    I highly recommend Dr. Dybala as your naturopathic doctor. She is very caring and thorough when it comes to your complete health. I was always tired and had shortness of breath. Dr. Dybala had me get some tests related to my symptoms. After those tests, I found out I had a widow maker and needed heart bypass surgery. She has also helped me figure out how to get healthier. Dr. Dybala looks at not only symptoms but potential causes of issues to figure out a good plan...

    Corey S., Wheaton

    After we moved last spring, we were looking for a natural primary care physician for our two young boys. That's when we found Dr. Dybala! What a blessing! She takes time with us and really listens to help treat our family from the inside out. Whenever we've needed to see her right away, she has always made time. Her knowledge of working with and treating the whole person and getting to the cause of ailments is impressive. Dr. Dybala is a doctor for the whole family.

    Dawn M., Glen Ellyn

    What I appreciate most about Dr. Dybala is that she works diligently to get to the cause of my issues and then offers me several options for treatment. She will share insight as to how involved each treatment option may be or how long to expect for healing, but she lets me decide which one I feel is best for my body. I'm thrilled to be in the care of someone who treats the whole body and not just one particular symptom. She is empathetic, extremely dedicated to healing her patients...

    Jill F., Wheaton